Desawar Satta Result

Desawar Satta results

Welcome to sattainfo on this page so you will get a chart of all Desawar numbers of 2020 from January to December and much more results. We have recorded all the Desawar Satta Matka result chart that opens today with Jodi and side by side. I will be sharing you some Satta Desawar tips. This is a weekly chart also. Stay connected with us because here you will get Fast Desawar Satta results.


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Satta king desawar chart-

Date Jan Feb Mar Apr
1 XX
2 3
3 80
4 42
5 26
6 53
7 10
8 93
9 54
10 26
11 94
12 53
13 74
14 81
15 72
16 0
17 91
18 22
19 48
20 0

Desawar Satta results

Satta Info is provided here Check all the results of Satta Matka king, Gali, Desawar, Ghaziabad, Faridabad so you can not only improve the predictions of your upcoming results but also get a good knowledge about the gamble of Satta Matka.

Satta king desawar 2018 –

sattainfo is a website that provides free of cost results of Satta Matka and daily Satta game. We are not in any partnership or attached to any gaming company or anyone because it’s illegal in India to be a part of any gamble. It’s just a website where you can access the results of Satta king desawer and all information or news about the Satta niche. Desawar Satta results are shown for the viewers who participated or want to know about the results so they can get easily in the form of a chart.

Desawar Satta information

This result we have provided is taken from various sources of the internet and elsewhere. Matka gambling and betting on Matka or we can say Satta Matka is famous among gamblers from the 1920s because we all know that everyone wants to earn money easily and quickly like desawer satta but its never easy so some of the society members uses this kind of path to earn money easily in any part of our country like Mumbai Satta, Milan Satta, galichart, etc.



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